• If you are 16 or 17 years old and are looking into getting a tattoo this is what you will need:

    1. A parent or legal guardian to give consent by reading and signing a release of claims.

    2. If you have a legal guardian that is not a birth parent, you will need to have court papers showing that legal guardianship has been granted to this individual.

    3. Parent or legal guardian will need to have picture identification, i.e. driver's license, state i.d., military i.d., or passport.

    4. You will also need to have a picture identification including both your name and picture. i.e. driver's license, state i.d., membership card to ymca, (or similar organization) or a yearbook. The point is to have your face and your name on the same piece of identification, so temporary licenses and social security cards will not suffice.

    5. The last piece of identification is your birth certificate. This binds the parent to the child and vise-versa. This is where we would need to substitute legal guardianship papers if that's the case.

    6. Once we have copies of the 3 required identifications attached to your release of claims form you're all set.

    The reason for all of this is to make sure that parents know what their children are having done, and to make sure that we have everything covered in the case of falsified identification. The process might all sound like a hastle, but it's done with everyone's wellbeing in mind. If other shops aren't asking for your identification then they aren't looking out for anyone other than themselves and the money you're making them.

    *We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 16*